Weekly Startup Communities Roundup 12-01-14

Each Monday, we bring you a round-up of our favorite articles about startup communities around the globe.


Hanoi (Vietnam): Sometimes it’s worth staying in your local market; for Vietnamese startups, it’s a bad decision.

Singapore (Singapore): If startups in Singapore seem overrated, it’s because they have to be in order to survive.


Copenhagen (Denmark): It’s cold during the winters in Copenhagen, but these startups are just getting hot.

Dublin (Ireland): While the city’s booming with global tech giants, it’s struggling for startups.

London (England): The Tech Census aims to revolutionize government policy toward city startups.

Stockholm (Sweden): This Northern European city has become the second biggest startup hub in the world, after Silicon Valley.

North America

Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA): This Southwest city has a plan to become the best city for entrepreneurs in the US.

Atlanta (Georgia, USA): Coming under the microscope, Atlanta is now the number one city for neuroscience startups.

Cleveland (Ohio, USA): Once a booming city for entrepreneurs, this Midwest city hopes to rise again.

Los Angeles (California, USA): With an ‘in-house’ venture capital fund, LA hopes to motivate city employees to become entrepreneurs.

Mexico City (Mexico): Where “The Valley” and “VC” have very different meanings among startups and entrepreneurs.

Phoenix (Arizona, USA): Tech moves east, as some major startups capitalize on the energy (and funding) around Arizona State University.

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