Company Update

Startup Genome Merger

In this post I reflect on Startup Genome’s past, announce a recent acquisition (hooray!) and discuss what’s next for the website, data and community of curators around the world.

Look How Far We’ve Come

Look How Far We've Come

In the past six months, the hard work of our existing curators, plus the addition of new ones, have helped the Startup Genome grow. Check out our infographic with all the stats.

Our decision to be a nonprofit

Our decision to be a nonprofit

Are you facing the for-profit versus nonprofit decision? Here’s our thought process and why we ultimately decided that the nonprofit route was right for us.

Kauffman’s Top of Mind series takes a look at Startup Genome

Kauffman's Top of Mind series takes a look at Startup Genome

Thom Ruhe, Vice President of Entrepreneurship at The Kauffman Foundation, hosts a regular online video series “Top of Mind” covering a broad range of topics related to entrepreneurship. This week on Top of Mind, Thom interviews our own Shane Reiser about Startup Genome

The next level of Startup Genome

Startup Genome began as a side project for Dave and myself about two years ago. We talked to hundreds of startup community builders around the world, learned what they needed to help their local communities, built a product, grew our curator network to over 300 and slowly improved Startup Genome when we had free time on nights and weekends.

Today I’m excited to share that we’re taking Startup Genome to the next level with a larger team, renewed focus and brand refresh.

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